Statement from Mayor Sacco on passing of Netta Meltzer

03.26.14_SaccoNetta-e1395865197458.jpgMayor Nick Sacco is sad to announce the passing of longtime North Bergen municipal employee and founder of the township’s Special Young People program Netta Meltzer. Originally hired by the Public Affairs Department in 1985, Meltzer started one of the township’s most beloved initiatives that gives children and adults with mental and physical disabilities activities, parties and a sense of purpose and community. Meltzer retired two years ago and the program has continued under new management in her absence.

“Netta Meltzer was a truly special person who gave everything she had for the enjoyment of amazing young people with serious disabilities for so many years,” said Mayor Sacco. “We are very sad to see her go but we know that her legacy will live on in the programs she founded and the young men and women they will continue to help for years to come.”

In addition to the Special Young People program, Netta started a very unique adult program that has evolved into a vibrant organization that meets weekly, elects officers and gives its members a strong sense of pride and purpose. This program is one of the only of its kind in the area.

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