Mayor Sacco is Building a New High School Because He Cares About Our Kids

So why is Lying Larry Wainstein Trying to Block It?

Our students and teachers are exceptional, but they are in need of modernized school buildings and more advanced technology in order to reach their full potential. North Bergen schools have dealt with large class sizes and older buildings for years and all of this is due to the fact that North Bergen does not receive the state funding that nearby towns receive.

That’s why Mayor Sacco and his team are so proud to be building the new North Bergen High School West Campus at the former High Tech High School on Tonnelle Avenue.

Mayor Sacco’s School Realignment plan will also reduce class sizes in all local schools while allowing them to have dedicated classrooms for subjects like art and music. And thanks to the Sacco Team’s excellent financial management, the plan will not raise school taxes.


Larry Wainstein filed a lawsuit to stop North Bergen from building a new high school. Last year, voters overwhelmingly approved the new school plan which includes $25,000,000 in state funding and no increase in school taxes. This ridiculous lawsuit could delay the project for another year, wasting tax dollars on legal fees and denying our children the new school they deserve.


Wainstein is a super rich conman who lives in a $3,000,000 mansion in Franklin Lakes -- he’s never lived in North Bergen. His kids don’t go to school here and he doesn’t care about us. That’s why he filed a lawsuit to stop the new high school from being built.


While Wainstein is blocking the new school plan, he claims to have his own "plan" to build a new school. But his plan is nonsense -- Wainstein is lying and saying we can have a new school built by the state for free. This will never happen, because North Bergen schools are in a different category for state aid than West New York and Union City. Wainstein knows this but he's lying about it anyway to try and trick North Bergen voters!

The Sacco Team is Building the New High School That Our Kids Need!

North Bergen is finally getting a beautiful new high school campus that will reduce class sizes and expand programs in every school - without raising school taxes!

Vote the Column B Sacco Team on May 14