North Bergen DPW fills over 700 potholes in month since Pothole Repair Hotline launch, saves $50k in taxpayer money

photo-e1393285696556sm.jpgThanks to the hard work of the North Bergen Department of Public Works’ pothole repair crew and hundreds of tips from residents the township has filled over 700 potholes in the last month. Mayor Nick Sacco and Public Works Commissioner Frank Gargiulo launched the Pothole Repair Hotline in late February and since that time 225 residents have called in to report potholes. Those combined with hundreds more identified by the DPW add to over 700 and the department expects to fill close to 1,000 potholes in total before June.

“The brutal weather conditions this winter led to an unusually high number of potholes, which is why it really took a team effort by both the DPW and the residents to find them and get them filled,” said Mayor Sacco. “Not only are we filling in potholes at an average of 25 per day, we are also saving significant taxpayer money by doing the work in-house and utilizing innovative new equipment.”

While many other municipalities are outsourcing pothole repair due to their large numbers, North Bergen has saved approximately $50,000 by doing the work entirely in-house with DPW employees. Hiring a private contractor to fill potholes would cost about $3,000 per working day. Under the supervision of DPW Superintendent John Shaw, the department’s six-man crew costs about $1,000 per day, adding up to substantial savings for taxpayers. Additionally, the township is using a new piece of equipment called an “Asphalt Cooker” that allows workers to conserve hot asphalt throughout the day and drastically reduce waste. The township has only had to purchase about $4,000 worth of asphalt during the entire process.

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