Mayor Sacco Swears In Seven New NBPD Recruits, Promotes Officer to Sergeant

IMG_0071-e1384450668553.jpgMayor Nick Sacco and the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a Proclamation honoring the North Bergen Police Department’s Burglary Unit at their regular meeting yesterday. Tasked with investigating burglaries, robberies, street crimes and felony cases the unit has made 85 arrests so far this year and has put in thousands of man hours in prolonged investigations and surveillance. The unit has had a significant impact on public safety and quality of life in the township.

“People only want to live, work and shop in a place that is safe and our police department does an outstanding job protecting all of us,” said Mayor Sacco. “I would like to commend Police Chief Robert Dowd for his commitment to taking proactive measures to reduce crime and improve quality of life for everyone in North Bergen.”

The Burglary Unit is comprised of Detective Robert Maldonado and Police Officers Hector Botello, Michael Carriel and Carmen Recinos. The unit is supervised by Captain Patrick Irwin and Supervising Detectives David Dowd and Bronson Jusino. The 85 arrests are all serious felony cases involving home robberies, car burglaries and other serious incidents. They utilize traditional investigative tactics like canvassing crime scenes as well as newer technologies like electronic surveillance and DNA testing.

“Our department maintains a strong focus on proactively attacking crime by using a combination of traditional community policing and data driven techniques that take advantage of the latest public safety technologies,” said Chief Dowd. “The Burglary Unit is one of the best examples of this mission and how it is positively impacting our community. I would like to thank Mayor Sacco and the Board of Commissioners for recognizing our officers’ efforts and always being wonderful partners to our department.”

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